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Houston Collection US, one of the largest firearms collections in the Southwest, consists of antique, modern, and new revolvers, post war 1911 pistols, bolt, single and AR rifles. Until Spring 2016 Houston Collection US has never sold collection firearms items: does not deal in firearms and is not a Federal Firearms Licensed retailer, dealer, wholesaler, manufacturer or Curio licensee. However, read below. Definitions - Dealer / Collector.

Why today you can buy and own firearms:>  "Firearms Owner Protection Act"  FOPA - 1986"


The collection began in 1960 by Robert Hutchinson, then living in Shreveport and learning custom pistolsmith skills from legendary 1911 Master pistolsmith and National Pistol Champion, James E. Clark.


Houston Collection US has been cataloged and photographed as it has grown over the years. The 1911 Pistols section resides in a private Collection secure room inside a famous Casino vault room in Las Vegas, NV.  This section is soon to be relocated to the larger private Houston Collection US long arms section in a Carson City, NV Casino secure vault room, close to Bob's Wireless Industry Association corporate headquarters.


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Early Firearms History

1911A1 Pistols

Antique, Modern & AR Rifles

AR Notes


Prelude To The Texas Revolution

God-Awful Rain Of Fire and Shrapnel Hell

Additional - Information

General Notes

2nd Amendment Today - FOPA

U.S. Constitution & Amendments


Barbary Wars -  Don't Try The Americans, They'll Fight, They'll Kill You.

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Very fine custom African hunting rifle, 30-06 Caliber, fancy stock, double set triggers, superb engraving; 100+ years old, 98 Mauser action, no serial number; Lyman Premier aperture sight. (Star burst engraved bolt knob.)

Fine antique European hunting rifles sometime are found without sling facilities, like this Mauser? Rifle was not meant to be sling carried. Carried in a custom case, box or in the gun bearer's hands.  ~ Collection # 828

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Houston Collection US AR-15 Lightweight 223 / 5.56 AR, Spikes Lower Receiver, Rise 3 Gun Competition 3.5 lb. Icicle Trigger, Premium Gibbz Left Side Charge Upper Receiver Upper, 16 In. Lightweight Chrome Lined 1:7 Twist Barrel, Ultralight AP Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube, Front Top & Bottom Rails, Weaver V Series 1-3X20mm Scope, Nikon Scope Mounts, Lightweight Ace Skeleton Stock W/ 4 Sling Positions,
   Collection # 949