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  AR Notes-      Houston Collection US 


Most Houston Collection US AR rifles are new or new old stock, custom assembled, unused and unfired except test round(s). The custom firearms policy is: "Highest quality and premium components". Many ARs usually utilize lightweight components, carbon fiber, poly plastics, and light weight titanium and aluminum items, pitson empingment, left or right side charge, match grade triggers, ACE premium ultra light skeleton stocks.


With some of the Collection ARs the carrier bolt group is lubricated with light grease. We have found that ARs today are assemblies of parts from different manufacturers, made with many different metals, surfaces and finishes. We sometime recommend light grease lubricant during a break-in with 50 to 100 rounds and a subsequent complete cleaning and degreasing of the carrier bolt group components after. Then re-lube to the dryer mil specs to fend off carbon build-up in the bolt carrier group area.


ARs with threaded barrel ends have muzzle devices, flash hiders, compensators, suppressors or thread protectors, with and without crush washers, some with removable thread locker. Although some collection ARs arrive here with muzzle devices firmly attached, we don't firmly attach muzzle devices here as they are popularly changed out as personally preferred today. Check online for info.


In addition to benefit of accessory attachment rails, free float tubes provide improved accuracy by reducing pressure points on the barrel. We suggest free float tube end caps be well clear or removed if there's any possibility of contact with barrel, cold or hot. 


Many collection ARs carbine stocks have been built or converted to the premium ACE Skeleton stock utilizing the original buffer and spring. If this configuration doesn't cycle or function properly with a cartridge, a different length spring and or buffer length or weight arrangement may be required for proper function.  


There's plenty of online information about AR cycling and buffer considerations. Cycling issues can almost always be handled with CBG / buffer / spring adjustment, avoiding gas block / tube modification. One rule: don't use rifle buffer with the shorter carbine buffer tube. This may bang the tube / lower receiver threaded tang to destruction.


The red tape on the front of each lower designates the magazine / marking to be utilized: 

A2 - 5.56/.223

A3 - 300 AAC Blackout

A6 - 6.8 SPC

A7 - 7.62x39mm

The AR impingement design is recognized as seriously flawed as a volume bullet spraying combat rifle. Events certainly show us how effective lobbyist can be in influencing government and military decision makers. Interesting that every later 5.56mm design of other NATO and Western militaries, would not utilize the crap-where-you-eat impingement actuation system. They wisely utilized inertia short stroke or long stroke gas piston designs.


However, for low cost semi-auto civilian use, the system works out OK. Since there are some 40+ million ARs existing and more coming, we just live with the cheapo design and pay more for improved piston AR types.