Colt LW Commander, 1911, 4 1/4”, 45, Blue. Smooth Frame, Beaver Grip Safety, Ttrigger job, Jeweled Barrel, Custom Grips, Magazine. Carried by Houston Pivate Detective for 35+ years. See History Of This One. - "1911 Pistols" Col.No 164.

After moving to Houston in 1974, I went back to Shreveport and bought two new .45 ACP Colt Commanders, one regular weight and one lightweight.
My friend L. C. Grimmett, had just become a Texas private investigator and he bought the lightweight from me. He carried it for thirty five plus years. Along the way I added the grip safety, trigger job, and slide release. Somebody else jeweled the barrel. Upon retirement he sold some firearms and I bought it back from him.
The gun shows the years of wear. I coated the worn frame with Alumahyde and added the grips. I asked L.C. if he had ever shot anybody with it. He said, “no”. I asked if he had ever pointed it at anybody. He said, “oh yea”. See history for the other Commander. Col.No. 164
~ Bob Hutchinson