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This collection began in 1960s by Robert Hutchinson, then living in Shreveport and learning custom pistolsmith skills from legendary 1911 Master pistolsmith and National Pistol Champion, James E. Clark. The Houston Collection US is managed by the Hutchinson Trust, and its Trustee or Co-Trustees.

National Rifle Association - Life Member

Texas State Rifle Association - Life Member

 Houston Collection US has not been involved in firearms commerce, does not deal in firearms and is not a Federal Firearms Licensed retailer, dealer, wholesaler, manufacturer or Curio licensee. Dealer and collector defined here:>>  Definitions - Dealer / Collector    "Firearms Owner Protection Act"  FOPA - 1986"


Houston Collection US has been cataloged and photographed as it has grown over the years. For years 1911 Pistols section and long arms section resided in Nevada private secure Casino vault rooms. Both sections now reside in a storage area of a large secure vault room up in an Energy Corridor building in Houston.

If items are ever offered, this information will apply:> General Notes      Shipping Policy


Over half of the collection items are as new, or new old stock, unfired, unused, possibly test fired. A large portion of the AR rifles are as new, custom assembled new, unused, possibly test fired. Optics, sights, premium upgrades and accessories added to many.


Many of the 1911 guns were obtained as new, new old stock.Many customized and/or refinished in house.


Most photography by Bob Hutchinson over the years.

Bob can be contacted at 713 467-0077,


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